Computerised Wheel Aligner

Wheel Aligner

Computerized wheel aligner (CCD-RF)Auto-One CCO wheel aligner is stable, accurate, low cost, and easy-to-maintain 8 CCO wheel aligner, specially designed for clients who need to expand their business. With featured zigbee wireless data transfer technology, Auto-One CCO is more Stable and advanced than Bluetooth or 433MHz RF equipped wheel aligners.

PC-Free mode            

 Interchangeable sensor heads         

Super large databank
Two wheel mode(Front)

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Item Precision Range
Front Total Toe-in ±4′ (±0.02°) ± 200
Camber ±2′ (±0.01°) ± 200
Caster ±6′ (±0.1°) ± 200
SAI/ KPI ±6′ (±0.1°) ± 200
Setback ±2′ (±0.03°) ± 50
Thrust Angle ±2′ (±0.03°) ± 60



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