Vehicle System Leak Detector

Vehicle System Leak Detector
Smoke AO 100 – automotive Leak Locator

Creating a niche of Leak Locators such as Automotive Leak Locator and Vehicle System Leak Detector at its best, with utmost quality.


Ã�  Simple To Operate

The Smoke Automotive Leak Locator is easily controlled with a timer setting and flow control. Set the timer then the machine will generate smoke, and control the flow with the flow controller. The output is regulated to 12-14 Inches of Water Column, this pressure is perfect to perform leak test of EVAP system and other automotive systems with no damage to the vehicle sealing

Ã�  Save time and fast leak detect

In most cases, a scan tool may find out pressure sensors abnormal etc., while actully the ‘pressure low’ problem is caused by leak somewhere

Ã�  Multi-function

The Smoke Automotive Leak Locator is a multi purpose tool essential for EVAP system, but also applicable for: EGR valves, Gaskets & Fittings, Hoses,Worn Throttle shafts, Break Boosters, Catalytic Converters, Oil Leaks, Lamp Housings, manifolds and more …

Ã�  LED time indicator,Adjustabie air flow and – 20 minutes adjustable operating time

Adjustable timer and air flow to perform leak test on different system that requires different flow amount .

Ã�  Inbuilt air pump

Performing leaktest with no air compressor, which may not be available for every workshop.

Ã�  Various fittings

For different application needs

Ã�  3 Color LED torch

To help find leak in different brightness circumstance


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