Vehicle Spray Painting Booth

A perfect smooth painting solution for your automobile work shop.


Type of Paint Booth Positive Pressure paint Booth
Air Flow Vertical down Draft
Working Size of the Booth Length : 7,500 mm
  Width : 3,950 mm
  Height : 2,600 mm
External Size of the Booth Length : 7,603 mm
  Width : 4,050 mm
  Height: 3,500 mm
Size of service Door Height : 1,900 mm
  Width : 600 mm
Booth construction Pre fabrication GI sheets fixing with bolt nuts.
  Removing easily
Control Panel Digital Temperature readout and timer.
Illumination Top Left-4 set (40W tubes 4 Nos. in each set)
  Right-4 set (40W tubes 4 nos. in each set)
Air Inlet Blower Double Inlet Forward Curved fan for Silent
  Function. 22,000 m3/hr,7.5HP motor,1440 rpm,3phase,415V
Exhaust blower Double Inlet Forward Curved fan for Silent Function
  22,000 m3/hr, 5HP motor,1440 rpm
Heat Exchanger Made of Stainless Steel
Type of Burner Automatic ( Imported)
Heat output at full load 1,00,000 K.Cal/hr.
Fuel HSD


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