Tyre Changer HCV

We are a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Tyre Changer For HCVS such as Tyre Changer HCV, Tyre Opening Machine HCV, Elctropneumatic Tyre Changer HCV, Truck Tyre Changer and Truck Tyre Opening Machines from India.



Technical Specification


Power Supply                : 220v/380v 50Hz

Motor Power                 : 1.5 KW

Max. Tyre Diameter     : 59

Rim Size                       : 14-26

Max. Tyre Weight        : 1300 kg

Max. Tyre Width          : 27”

Working Pressure         : 130 bar

Noise Level                   : < 70 db

Gear Box Motor Power: 2.2 KW, 380V, 3 Phase

Hydraulic Pump Motor: 1.1KW, 380V, 3 Phase


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