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Air visor 4 gas analyser.

The AVG-500, 5 Gas Analyzer developed by AIRVISOR TECHNOLOGIES is best product in it’s class. Due to its latest technology and spares used for its development, it becomes a product which never been introduced in Indian market. Dual Head pump provides faster response time for gas sampling. While automatic drain facility ensures the vapor separation from the exhaust sample. Multi display pages offers user to switch between pre-configured measurement items on each page, it offers user to select either big font size display page or all gases in a single page, another page provided to have a look on Oil Temp, Corrected CO, AFR, PEF, RPM. AVG-500 is designed using “CAP3030 NDIR Gas Bench” manufactured by CAPELEC-France.

  1. Scope

The AVG-500 is intended to use for measurement of emission gases i.e. Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydro-Carbons, Oxygen through tail pipe of internal combustion engines running on fossil fuels like Petrol / CNG / LPG. Proper filtration of exhaust sample is recommended during measurements.

  1. Usage Conditions

The AVG-500 is designed to use within range of 160 volts to 250 volts AC at 50/60 Hz frequency. Using beyond these specifications may cause serious damage of power supply unit. To ensure prevention of electrical shocks, proper earth in power supply is required. The equipment is designed for indoor and outdoor usage keeping in mind that equipment should be used in a well ventilated and shaded place. Use of the equipment in rainy and misty conditions will require regular inspection of water separator unit to ensure proper drain of condensation. Due to sensitive parts used in this equipment, it is required to operate by a trained operator only. The equipment should be strictly opened / serviced by a qualified service engineer because it contains corrosive materials which may lead to serious injuries. The equipment must not be used with soiled or damaged filters which may cause dust contamination in sample line and lead to major break downs. Periodic maintenance of the equipment should be carried out in timely manners as specified in General Maintenance section.

AVG-500 Specifications


Gas Channel Range Resolution
Hydrocarbon (Hexane)

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide


NOX (Optional)



0 to 15000 ppm

0 to 15 %

0 to 20 %

0 to 25 %

0 to 5000 ppm

0.500 to 3.500

7.90 to 27.60

1 ppm

0.001 %

0.01 %

0.01 %

1 ppm



Principle CO, HC & CO2 (Non Dispersive Infrared)

O2 & NOX (Electrochemical)

Accuracy Hydrocarbon

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide


± 12 ppm Vol.

± 0.06 % Vol.

± 0.40 % Vol.

± 0.10 % Vol.

Response Time ≤ 15 Sec. for Final Values
Repeatability ± 1% of First Sample Value
Auto Zeroing ≤ 20 Seconds (Performs automatically at every measurement cycle)
Warm-Up Time ≤ 5 Minutes
Sample Flow Rate 4 Liters / Minute
Fabrication Full Metal Body
Keyboard 6 Keys Membrane Keyboard
Display 128 X 64 Dots (Graphical LCD)


RPM (Inductive)

RPM (Battery)

RPM (Magnetic)

Oil Temp.


0 to 6000 RPM

0 to 9999 RPM

0 to 9999 RPM

0 to 120 C

Epson T-81 (Thermal)

Power Requirements Supply Type

Voltage Range


AC (50/60 Hz.)

160 to 250 Volts

65 Watts

Communication RS232 (Serial) for PC Connection
Dimensions (L) (W) (H)
Weight 7 Kgs.
Operating Conditions Temperature Range : 0 to 50 Degree Celcius

Atmospheric Pressure : 700 to 1150 mBar

Humidity : 0 to 90% (Non-Condensing)

Standard Accessories Gas Sampling Probe, Sampling Pipe, Leak Test Cap, Communication Cable, Spare Fuse, Spare Dust Filter.



  1. AC 220 V                     :           Input of 110 to 220 Volts AC (50/60 Hz)
  2. RS232                          :           Output for PC Connection
  3. Printer                        :           Output for Thermal Printer
  4. Oil Temp.                    :           Connection of Oil Temperature Sensor
  5. Tacho / Vibration      :           Input of RPM Measurement Device
  6. Inductive RPM           :           Connection Port for Inductive RPM
  7. Gas Inlet                     :           Input Port for Exhaust Sample
  8. Calibration                 :           Input Port for Calibration Gas
  9. Drain Out                    :           Discharge of Water from Sample
  10. Drain In                       :           Input of Separated Water for pump
  11. Gas Out                       :           Discharge of Measured Sample
  12. Water Separator        :           Device for Separation of Water from Sample Gas


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