X431 pad4 is futuristic and technological advances diagnostic scanner for cars, lcvs, hcvs and covering vehicles from 12v to 24 v  electronic control system . it incorporates a unique industrial design for tough and rugged conditions along with 12 inches large display and a diagnostic multiplexer box with display which enables remote diagnostics, ECU flashing and calibration with a new diagnostic cloud function gateway.


vehicle coverage

launch x431 pad 4 diagnose vehicles made in , china, japan, asia , america, Europe covering both 12 v and 24 v commercial vehicle system worldwide covering more then 100 kind of modules. it supports euro 3 ,euro 4, euro 5, euro 6 standard model diagnosis.

the scan tool can perform functions like read code, erase code, injector coding, special functions, calibration etc.

x431 pad 4 support remote diagnostics through cloud gateway, this make the technicians accessible to array of technical support, wiring diagrams, technical maintenance case study.

the scan tool incorporates special reading of VIN number to identify the vehicle technical parameters and details at click, this also helps to record the diagnostic data in real time to the cloud and can be reviewed any time. this helps the user for faster and productive business.

x431 pad4 hosts a number of features which helps in diagnosis like. oil reset, ecu coding, injector calibration, ecu flashing, etc

the hardware of x431 pad 4 consists of 12 inch IPS display  which is brighter and clear from all angle viewing which helps reading possible even in the sunlight. the pad 4 consists of mini usb, RJ45 interface,usd2.0, hdmi interface which enable the user to perform different applications as per his knowledge.


main unit

  • cpu : 2.0 ghz with 8 nuclear
  • operation system : android 5.1
  • battery : 15000 mah
  • display : 12 inch touch capacitive screen
  • screen resolution : 1920* 1200
  • memory : 2gb
  • storage : 64gb, extended up to 128gb TF card
  • camera: 8mp front, 2 mp front

Diagnosis interface

  • cpu : 120mhz
  • power consumption : 2watts
  • working volatage : 9-36v
  • Display : 4 inch capacitive
  • screen resolution : 320*480
  • working temperature : -10 deg to 55 deg centigrade.
  • Bluetooth communication : 100 meters




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