Hydraulic Two Post Lift

Engagement Release Mode: Single point manual release

Arm assembly: Asymmetric two-stage telescoping long arms and two-stage telescoping short arms.



Safety Mechanism:

Lifting Capacity 4,000 kg
Min. Height 120 mm
Max. Lifting Height 1,900 mm
Overall Height 3,636 mm
Overall Width 3,381 mm
Width between Columns 2,760 mm
Short Arm Length 680mm-1,020mm
Long Arm Length 860mm-1,300mm
Lifting Time 50s
Lowering Time 30s
Power 220v/380v,50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

Automatic arm lock restraints                               Technical Parameters

Mechanical safety latch in each post

Parachute valve under each cylinder in case of hydraulic hose fracture

Relief valve to prevent overloading

Synchronization cable


Control system:

Lifting operation by pressing the button on motor

Manual lowering operation by pressing the lever on power unit


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