Hydraulic Four Post Lift

*Front-open design, convenient for operation.

*Adjustable platform to accommodate difference vehicle tracks and optimized access to vehicle underside

*Complete with front housing for turntables and rear slip plates for total wheel alignment



*Mechanical safety latch every 80mm in each post

*Drop speed control in case of hydraulic hose fracture

*Relief valve to prevent overloading

*Immediate-triggering safety stud devices in the event a cable slackens or fails.

*Front and rear positioning wheel stop

Model L-445FE LAO-H4PL4T/H4PL6T
Capacity 4,500kg 6,300kg
Min. Height 221mm 221mm
Max. Lifting Height 1,850mm 1,850mm
Overall Length 6,103mm 7,403mm
Runway Length 4,851mm 6,151mm
Overall Width 3,530mm 3,530mm
Overall Height 2,395mm 2,395mm
Width between Columns 1,090mm 1,090mm
Runway Width 510mm 510mm
Width Between Runway 1,090mm 1,090mm
Lifting Time 50s 50s
Lowering Time 35s 35s
Power 220v/380v,50Hz/60Hz1Ph/3Ph 220v/380v,50Hz/60Hz


Control System:


*24V low-voltage dead-man controls

*Automatic operation with main power switch, lifting button, lowering button and locking button

*Technical Parameters


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