G-Scan Multi Car Scanners

A truly accurate and reliable G-SCAN scan tool you can trust        T

touch Screen and Keypad ,User-friendly design operating on both intuitive touch-screen and familiar key strokes. Dual CPU ,Equipped with 2 CPUs working together to maximize the processing speed  CAN Enabled Onboard ,Latest CAN-bus communication protocols enabled on-board. No external module required.


Dual CPU for greater performance

Your time should not be wasted for start-up and software loading. G-scan is designed to provide fast boot up, quick response and high speed performance by adopting a dual CPU system, which guarantees your readiness for prompt and timely service to your customers.

Data log and quick feedback support

Log the actual bi-directional data transmission between the G-scan and the vehicle control modules and transmit it to GIT by email or through internet. The logged data will be analyzed by the GIT engineers who will try to give feedback by providing the debugged software in next 24 hours.

Touch Screen and Hard Key Combo

Touch screen interface offers greater user experience of easy and intuitive operation of the diagnostic functions. At the same time, considering the greasy and dusty workshop environment. G-scan is fitted with 12 hard keys that do the functions without having to touch the screen.

Rechargeable Battery

A rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery is included as the basic supply in any optional kit. Besides the possibility to use the G-scan without an external power supply for hours, it also enables the advanced diagnostic functions that need to crank the engine.

Longevity The hardware design incorporates the latest technologies needed for all known communication protocols including CAN-Bus. No external module or separate CAN adapter is required.

Up to 4 GB SO Card Memory

The most widely used storage solution is adopted. The storage capability of up to 4 GB sufficiently accommodates entire software applications virtually needed for all brands around the globe economically and efficiently.

Color TFT LCD High definition 5.6″ 16:9 scale TFT LCD screen provides great readability, crisp data reading and accurate touch screen operations.


Screen capture and quick note

Simply capture the screen any time and add your quick hand written notes on the screen. It can be saved and reloaded for your future reference.

Quick Test: Automatic System Search

“System Search” function checks all the possible systems in the car automatically and report the number of fault codes found and availability of special functions of each detected system.     self-test function


In case of continued diagnostic function failure or abnormal operation, self-test function identifies the G-scan base unit has internal hardware problem or not.

No more hassles for finding the model codes or engine codes. Simply select the diagnostic adapter type from the menu, then select the system to test and go.



CPU                                 : ARM 9 (400MHz)& ARM 9 (266 MHz) Dual CPU

External Memory               : 2 GB Ã���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½ SD Card ( Maximum 4 GB)

Operating Temperature: 0~ 450C ( When charging ) / 0~ 500C ( When using)

Display                : 5.6Ã���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½ TFT LCD ( 480 x 234)


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