Electropneumatic Tyre Changer

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Electro Pneumatic Tyre ChangerĀ 


Tyre Changer




  • Rigid Vertical and Horizontal Post
  • Swing arm with manual locking device for space saving operation.
  • Strengthened vertical post is not subject to flexion during heavy work operation.
  • Smartool Tool Head
  • Radian design guarantees that demounting and mounting are always carried out in an optimum way and in the utmost safety.
  • Alloy material with special surface treatment ensures the strength and life of use.


Powerful Bead Breaking System

  • Stainless steel cylinder against any rust
  • Double -acting pneumatic cylinder generates powerful 2,700kg bead breaking force loosen hard wheel with ease.
  • Adjustable bead breaking shoe with precise radian allows tyre beads to be accurately loosened.


Pedal Assembly

  • Pedals in press-cast aluminum
  • Removable front cover of pedal assembly for the convenience of maintenance and service.


Wheel Clamping System

  • Rigid self-centering chuck with precise inching sliding locating the desired clamping size in one time.
  • Reversible direction of turntable gives operators the ability to back up in the event of turntable stall during stubborn bead installation to reduce the risk of tire damage .
  • Two-speed turntable available


Maintenance-free Gear Box

  • Special grease lubrication gives efficient heat dissipation for longer lift of use.
  • High-strength alloy worm and worm gear with accurate matching and conformity transfer the stable and powerful working force onto the turntable.


Tubeless Tyre Inflation System (Optional withTC605)

  • Integrated air tank inside the vertical post for space saving.
  • The blast inflation system is activated by a single pedal command with two positions.
  • Position I: standard inflating mode.
  • Position 2: bead seating, by means of a large quantity of pressurized air passing through nozzles built into the chuck slides
  • Pressure release button on inflation gauge to discharge exceed pressure.


Wheel Protection Package

  • Complete with kit of plastic protections to prevent damage to the most delicate rims.


Technical Parameters:


Rim Clamping Outside 10″~20″
Rim Clamping Inside 12–24-
Max. Wheel Diameter 1,150mm
Max. Wheel Width 14″
Bead Breaking Force 2,700kg
Air Pressure 8-10bar
N.W. 255kg
Power Supply 220V/50HZ/1 Ph, 1.1Kw or 380V/50Hz/3Ph.


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