Electropneumatic Tyre Changer

Autoone Brand Automatic Tyre Changer Model atc 100 is an Electro Pneumatic Machine with toughest and robust body. This tyre changer ensures easy fitting & removal of tyre within very short time without any trouble.



Bead Breaker:

The Powerful bead breaker is operated by a double acting cylinder (186 mm) with drawn high tensile alloy steel barrel designed to last a long time even under unfavorable conditions such as humidity / poor lubrications etc. as soon as wheel has been placed between the rubber support bracket and the bead breaking plate, the pneumatic arm can be actuated by means of paddle. The arm exerts a break force of 16.5 KN at 12 bar by which even difficult to shift type bead can be relived from the rim without risk of damage of rim

Four Jaw Clamping:

The self centering chuck is equipped with four locking jaws rotating in either direction and can clamp either from the outside of the rim (10″ – 20″) or from inside of rim (12″ – 22″).The clamping jaws are operated by two pneumatic cylinder. AII four jaws are running simultaneously in either direction and hence self centering is maintained. The tyre can be fitted and removed without touching the rim. Hence wheel plated rim will be totally safe

Safety Precautions:

To prevent the machine from the risk of break down when continuously at work, an air supply service unit oil atomizer is fitted with the system. Due to this, pneumatic Cylinder are automatically lubricated with oil, hence there is no chance for humidity and foreign particles to accumulate in the Cylinders.

Technical Data :

Self Centenng Chuck
External Rim Clamping 10″ min. 20″ max
Internal Rim Clamping 10″ min. 22″ max
Wheel Rim Width 10″
Max. Chuck rotating to torque 100-110 Kg.
Drive Motor 0.75 Kw/1 HP 3 Ph 412 V or
0.75 Kw/1 HP 1 Ph 230V
Bead Breaker Opening 13″ (325mm)
Max. Wheel dia. 40″ (1010mm)
Bead Breaking Pressure 16.5 Kn at 12 Bar
Compressed Air required 6 to 12 Bars.
Floor space (L X W X H) 960 X 730 X 1560 (in mm)
Net Weight of machine 200 Kgs. Approx.
Gross Weight of machine 230 Kgs. Approx.


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