Computerized Wheel Alignment

Computerized Wheel Alignment  (Bluetooth)

Autoone presents (AOE – 750), Wireless Computerised Wheel Alignment System, with DUAL DISPLAY and Rolling Run-Out to facilitate the technician to view the Alignment Readings easily and take Run-Out of Wheel without Jacking-Up the Vehicle.



Features :


  • Windows XP Operating System.
  • Dual Display Units.
  • Rolling Run-Out of Wheels.
  • Vehicle Specification – 30 years.
  • Customer Management System.
  • Multi-Language Support.
  • Vehicle specification write program.
  • Voice Announcement.
  • Human – based design, easy & simple to handle.
  • Integrated HELP system.
  • 3-D Animations.
  • Custom Database Back-up.
  • Mutliple Printer format.
  • Multiple unit of measure.
  • E-ZToe.
  • Total Jack-up (2-post lift useable)
  • Camber Jack-up.
  • Frozen Caster & SAI.
  • Shim function.


Special Features


  • Fully Aluminium Body-Light in Weight – RUST FREE.
  • Special Sensors with LCD Display available in all four Sensors.

Technical Specification


Measurement 8 Sensor type
Sensor Gravity & PSD Sensor with Height Quality Analysis
Communication Wireless (Bluetooth-RF Type)
Power Supply 220V Single Phase 60hz 400W
Measuring Head Power Supply 6V/3V
Battery life after recharging Minimum of six hours in case of wireless type
Measurement analysis
Toe 0.1 mm
Camber 0.01°
Caster 0.01°
Max. Caster swing
Toe-in/Toe-out angle 18″
Measurement Range
Partial Toe ±3°
Overall Toe ±6°
Camber ±15°
Caster ±30″
King Pin ±30″
Thrust, Set-Back Angle ±3°
Wheel size range 12″~ 17″
Wheel size range (Optional) 12″-21″


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