Computerised ccd Wheel Aligner

Computerised ccd Wheel Aligner
Code: EXACT400


Auto-One CCD wheel aligner is stable, accurate, low cost, and easy-to-maintain 8 CCO wheel aligner, specially designed for clients who need to expand their business. With featured zigbee wireless data transfer technology, Auto-One CCD is more Stable and advanced than Bluetooth or 433MHz RF equipped wheel aligners.


High accuracy                                                                    

6 meter wheel base                                                          

8 toe sensors                                                                      

Fast & stable data transfer                                             

24 inch clamps                                                                    

Super large databank Read More



Requirements on Surroundings

Ambient Temperature – 200 C ~ + 500CComputerised ccd Wheel Aligner

Relative Humidity < 90%





Steering Wheel Holder

Break pedal depressor

24-inch wheel clamps


Smart key

LCD display

Real-time toe-in, camber display

Level indicator

Battery percentage display

Battery status indicator

Low battery warning light

Radio signal status indicator

3600line ccd, 8beam ccd infrared optical sensor with highest precision

Sensors made in FINLAND

Adjustment indicator on sensor head

Calibration value backup in sensor heads

Modularized structure, Components replaceable without calibration. Zigbee wireless communication Technology


Available Model: exact100 for two wheel alignment system

Exact400 for four wheel alignment system

Exact400H for Heavy Vehicles


Quick measurement

Standard measurement

Extension measurement

Turn angle measurement

Customer database

Low chassis auto-detect

Lift platform compensation

X-large database

Adjustment reference database


Zoom In Function

Enlargeable indication area help to easy monitor of the data during adjustment

Animation & audio guide

Instructed operation guide, help ease the pain of training.

Audio guide ensure more

Lift rack compensation

Scissor lifts and four post lift are not always balanced, lift rack compensation ensure the accuracy of alignment.

Easy Calibration

Four steps required to perform calibration work, in less than 10 minutes.


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