Autologic Car Scanner

Our firm is a leading organization, which is engaged in offering an extensive range of Auto-Logic Scanner. These auto logic render independent garages with a dealer-level diagnostic solution for specialist brands and are termed as a holistic approach to diagnose the vehicle for independent garages. This range possess dealer-level software, which is blended with unrivaled technical support. Additionally, this range possess auto-logic solutions that enable the independent garages to provide service and repair work, Read More



  • Information is exhibited on a vast touch-sensitive screen via an easy menu structure, aided by extensive help screen
  • Auto-logic renders full coverage of all modules for each brand
  • Easy download from the user login
  • Auto-logic has brand specific master technicians to assist customers


Auto-logic performance tuning:


  • The performance tuning capability of auto-logic refers to optimization of a vehicle for power and economy along with rendering an additional revenue stream for garages
  • General performance tunes brochure
  • Auto-logic performance tunes are suitable modified with respect to the manufacturers’ vehicle tune data
  • This set of modification is downloaded from the auto-logic unit to the vehicles’ engine control module (ECM) via the on-board diagnostics connector
  • Performance tunes enhance software is offered for downloading direct from the user area of the auto-logic website and functions easily on the existing auto-logic platform


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