Aluminium Dent Puller

Aluminium Dent Puller

Aluminium spot welding machine model spotcar ALU

manufactured by HELVI italy is one of the dent removing machines mainly used for cars with aluminium body.

the aluminium dent removing machine is accurately made to cater to all kinds of dents in aluminium body in cars like merecedes, bmw, audi etc.




Spot Car Alu is power source for capacitor discharge welding of studs from M3 T0 M6. Particularly suitable for quick repairs on aluminum bodywork. Controlled by microprocessor. It is equipped with an advanced safety system that allows the discharge of the capacitor only when in contact with the piece.

  (1ph) 230V 50/60Hz
Fuse A 10
Vo V 12
C µF 3300
E A Joule Max 650
Ts Ms 1
f Mm 3-6
/ min nO 20
  Mm ( LxWxH) 310x295x175
  mm (LxWxH) 360x420x350
  Kg 11
Code No 99500018


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